4BEM ENGINEERING, It was established in 2014 by an experienced and dynamic staff who have made professional solutions in the Software and Information Sector.
Based on customer satisfaction, we offer Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Framework, Business Intelligence / Big Data, Industry 4.0 and IOT, Web and Mobile to our wide range of customers in the Public, Finance, Media, Information Technologies, Education, Construction, Health, Sports and Trade (Entrepreneur) sectors. It produces based software solutions.

4BEM, It is a technological R&D company that constantly follows the technological developments in the world and combines these developments with our sectoral experience and offers special solutions to the needs of our customers with digital products.

Our Expertise
  • • Framework
  • • Blockchain
  • • Artifıcial Intelligence
  • • Business Intelligence / Big Data,
  • • Industry 4.0 / IOT
  • • Algorithm Analysis
  • • Project Management
  • • Education
  • • Business, System and Test Analyst

  • Understanding Your Business
    We aim to combine the gap between efficient targets and technology in the simplest way by understanding your business in the best possible way.
    Software We attach importance to all institutions and organizations to support and reveal their capacities with the support of.
    Unlike our competitors, we aim to provide the special solutions that businesses need in the most optimum way.

    Of Technology In order to keep up-to-date the activities we have offered since we set out to serve companies of all sectors and sizes by using all the opportunities it provides. R&D We attach great importance to their work. With the solutions we produce, we have made it our mission to develop the working area based on technological progress as well as customer satisfaction.
    For this purpose Kosgeb and TUBİTAK we have included supported projects within our organization.

    Our process: AGILE
    Since we do not like the gaps between the desired results in projects, we put the old methods aside.
    4BEM ENGINEERING We prefer to work with transparent Agile principles. Our main goal is to present exactly the project expected from us, quickly and without errors.
    Agile With you, you will be able to follow our working tempo with daily updates and regular demos in the working process.