As 4BEM Engineering;

❖ By archiving and centralizing all your digital data with Smart Digital Data Management, we have developed a web application for you to access quickly whenever you want..
❖ We provided convenience to financial institutions with our integration module.
❖ Thanks to our framework software production automation, we automatically moved the CRM infrastructure system, which has big data, to different infrastructures.
❖ With the Simultaneous Application, we provided services by instant translation into different languages via the mobile application.
❖ With BPM (Business Process Management System), we have shown what stages all processes in your organization go through and how they are managed. (SLA)
❖ We developed an application between the Delivery Process Management and the Production and Quality departments in the factory, integrated with the SAP program and increased the delivery speed.
❖We read instant data in production with microcontroller devices and submitted reports to the planning department with Business Intelligence (BI).
❖ With the Media Management System, we enabled the Marketing department to work in a consolidated manner.
❖ With the Seat Sensor IOT Parent Information System, we developed a mobile application in addition to the seat sensor required in school bus vehicles and relaxed the parents.
❖ Thanks to the Corporate Social Communication Network, we created a common platform in the enterprises and showed all the requested information to the users.
❖ We strengthened decision support systems by analyzing your data better with the Business Intelligence Application.
❖ With the Sports Software, we prepared the Health Screening, Fitness Test and Program of the people who will start new sports, and followed and guided them through our software until they reached the determined goal.

And we continue to exist in many more projects like these ...

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