Seat Sensor and Student Tracking Parent Information System (Servisfone) Management Software

Servisfone, installed on vehicles seat sensors and seat belt sensors It can work simultaneously with a tablet and check whether the student is in the service or not thanks to seat sensors. Thanks to the seat belt sensor, the student's seat belt status can be instantly seen by the service driver, parent and school. reportable is a system.

What we do via GPS vehicle tracking systemwith parents and service companies simultaneously the process by tracking where the student service is student-parent information system They will be able to watch instantly with. School - School bus - Parents triangle social network interaction is provided by creating.

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Seat Sensor and Student Tracking, Parent Information Service, Advantages of Servisfone System
❖ Informing by Search
❖ Notification by SMS
❖ Vehicle Tracking, Instant Speed Information, Navigation
❖ Seat Belt Sensor
❖ Seat Sensor
❖ Seat Status Information

Potential Sectors
Seat sensor and Parent Information System Factories, School and College and Tourism Agency

Miriad Products Ltd. (United Kingdom), Janlir Sas ( Colombia ), Strada Motors Ltd. ( Georgia), Ismoda Ltd. (Turkey), Isringhausen ( Turkey), Aunde Teknik Tekstil ( Turkey )