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  • • Business Consulting
  • • Project Technical Consultancy
  • • Project Development Consultancy
  • • Creating a Solution
  • • Technology Positioning
  • • System Integrations
  • • Performance Measurement and Optimization
  • • Measurement and Optimization of Development Environment Efficiency
  • • Cross Platform Analysis and Integration
  • • Product Environment Analysis and Solution Development
  • • Analysis of Vulnerabilities and Solution Development

Project Management Consultancy; It ensures that the project can be completed successfully by bringing together all parties in the project, including customers, companies and suppliers, with a common management method around the project. With our innovative and rational structure 4BEM Engineering we aim to take your project to the planned place with systems that are accepted all over the world.
You can focus your own team and resources and get project management service from 4BEM. Let us do the coordination of your team, job tracking and task sharing. Let us anticipate the risks and inform you in line with our experience. Thus, both reduce your costs and do not make a highly costly employment such as a project manager permanent.


Agility is a state of affairs, different methods can be used to reach this state. The most preferred approach in the world Scrumis ( % 65)however, this does not mean it is better than other agile approaches. You can eat soup with a spoon and fish with a fork and knife. Sometimes it may be necessary to mix the two management.
For example, it is difficult to implement in teams that resist the redefinition of roles that oppose change. In this case, kanban can be preferred, where the current responsibilities and roles will remain the same.

Agile Project Management & Scrum Model

Simple software development AGILE, which is used as the general name of its methods, is defined as Agile Software Development with the word meaning. Scrum is Agile software development It is a method that puts its principles into practice.
Responding to customer requests quickly, flexible and with high quality softwareIt is a popular software development management system that allows it to be produced. It is based on the claim that most software projects are very complex and very difficult to plan ahead, and it promises to reduce this confusion based on three principles.
  • • Transparency: Progress and problems are shared with everyone through short daily meetings.
  • • Inspection: The product is presented and evaluated at regular intervals.
  • • Customization: Product requirements are not set just once from the start. It can be adapted to the situation in each presentation and evaluation.

Lean Agile Project Management Model

Agile We aim to assist you in overcoming the challenges faced by many companies while trying to implement it. To create an approach that will work in your organization Lean ve ScrumYou can use together. Lean- Agile With the method, it is used to prevent the stagnation that the teams encounter after the success. This discipline has been formed as a combination of many various factors.
  • • The degree of technical difficulty of change.
  • • How does the existing structure of the organization encourage or prevent changes?
  • • How each subsequent action affects ?
  • • Investment degree requirement

Agile & Kanban Project Management Model

Another approach that can be used to achieve agility is Kanban. This approach, which was first applied in the Toyota production system in the 1950s, was formed from the combination of two root words in meaning. Blood; visual and Ban means card.
It is well suited for teams where priority is rapidly changing. Kanban; It is based on responding quickly to change and speeding up job delivery. The number of jobs the team is working on at the same time is limited and the job delivery time is shortened. It contains 6 basic principles:
  • • Visualization
  • • Limiting the Number of Jobs (WIP).
  • • Managing the Workflow.
  • • Making the Process Clear and Clear.
  • • Feedback.
  • • Collaboration and Improvement.

Database; it is the foundation of the software. Everything is based on his performance. However, with a properly constructed database, it is possible to get reports containing billions of records in a short time.
To get the best efficiency from your application MS SQL ve MY SQL Of the database It must be properly installed, adjusted according to the conditions and hardware features of your business, regularly maintained, backed up, and necessary changes or restructuring according to the needs that arise later.
We aim to provide you with the most accurate information to your team, guide you with the most accurate infrastructure and help you build a database.
  • • Installation and Upgrade.
  • • Configuration Management
  • • Performance Monitoring and Improvement
  • • Periodic Maintenance Services
  • • Data Transfer Between Databases of Different Applications
  • • Backup and Data Recovery
  • • Database Technical Support and Management Services
  • • SQL Tuning
  • • Data Mining and Standardization